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Bringing architectural and engineering aspects together in a single product is the challenge posed by every project. These are two intrinsically different concepts which, however, are indissolubly interconnected in the design of a facade. Our approach to a project begins
from the architectural aspect, while our entire process is focused on creating an outer “skin” that not only fulfill architectural aesthetic requisites, but also meets all the
technical, legislative and other parameters intrinsic in the structural design of the outer cladding of a building.
In construction today, the facade is undoubtedly one of the most complex and important parts of a building, as it not only defines its visual character, but also ensures the insulation performance and protection against the elements necessary for the comfort of its users. To
achieve these essential goals, our business consists of a team of expert professionals using the latest equipment and applying state of the art project management and industrial manufacturing methods, and is organized with a modern and highly efficient structure conferment with the most exacting quality standards.


The technical department of Giugiaro Architettura & Structures is staffed by technicians, engineers and project managers with proven experience in the production and installation of door and window fixtures, claddings and facades. Every aspect of each project is analysed,
developed and managed by a dedicated team, from the initial design process to installation on site. The initial architectural plans are analysed by our technical department, which performs the static, acoustic and thermal calculations necessary and defines the details for the installation, which are then submitted to the client for approval.
Once we receive all the approval necessary, the construction layouts for the fabrication workshop are produced. The installation drawings are then prepared and handed over to the construction site team, for subsequent installation of the material on site. Throughout the entire project, all activities are continuously monitored and controlled to ensure compliance with requisites for time frames, budget and quality.
The engineers and staff of the technical department, in addition to normal executive and constructive planning activities, are also directly involved in the design and engineering
process and, in general, in the definition of all the activities necessary for the production of the visual and performance mock-ups of our facades (for compliance with European / American standards).


Giugiaro Architettura & Structures has two workshops with state of the art equipment for producing and machining mouldings, and all the tools and materials necessary for the fabrication of the most sophisticated facade systems. These workshops are staffed with highly professional operators who periodically undergo personalised refresher courses. All CNC machinery is subject to continuous inspection, maintenance and calibration. The individual components of the three dimensional models (BIM) developed by the technical department are exported in STEP format directly to the work centres. This solution means that all information concerning drilling and cutting processes is acquired automatically by the CAM software installed on the machines in the workshop. This translates to greater efficiency and precision in the machining of moldings and in the placement of individual components, cutting times and overall production costs.



Once fabricated, the elements of the facade are packed and shipped to the site under the supervision of quality and logistics teams. Our own site managers are continuously on site, with the job of overseeing the day-today unloading, handling and installation of all materials. Our primary goals for all projects are to ensure completion within specified time frames, and compliance with the specifications of the client and with the standards of all applicable legislation.