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WOODY SG 212 CWWS – Patented

Woody is a patented cellular façade, with high performance structural glass (Curtain Wall – Window wall), entirely conceived in laminated wood, with double seal gaskets in EPDM and connecting elements and / or junction in extruded aluminum.
It is the perfect and innovative HiTech solution that combines engineering safety and design aesthetics, giving the building the lightness and elegance of real wood.
In collaboration with our partner TIP TOP FENSTER, we build and guarantee a product of great value.

CHAMELEON SD 217 CWWS – Patented

Chameleon is the patented magnetic coating system for aluminum facades (Curtain Wall – Window wall – Stick system).
It is the evolution of the WOODY SG 212 CWWS system, created to respond to the strict fire regulations while maintaining and extending the best aesthetic and functional characteristics.
Easy to install and with infinite possibilities of covering (wood, marble, stainless steel, bronze, copper, leather, etc.).
Chameleon expresses its vocation of adaptation and aesthetic personalization of every environment.
It is also applicable on all façades, even if already installed.